About Us

If I had to explain this brand with one word, I would have to say that Bomani Wear is........ Special!

It wasn't just created from a thought or an idea, but it was created from an experience and this brand is the tangible thing that makes the experience all worth it.

I grew up "troubled" as some would call it. Although I was raised in church as soon as I thought I was old enough to do what I wanted I rebelled against everything that had been good to me. This included my mom, my church, and even God. 

My rebellion was quickly met with rejection, a horrible feeling that I've learned to grow accustomed to throughout the years. But there was one place that accepted me as is and "loved" me..... The streets. At the time I didn't realize that love, like most worldly love, was conditional. 

I became infatuated with everything the world had to offer. Girls, money, drugs, and the thrill that came with it. The longer I stayed in it my infatuation grew, but it transformed into what felt like a war. Eventually, I battled with addiction, depression, people, demons, and incarceration. 

I found Jesus in my darkest hour where there was no visible hope. I'm proud to say that today I am a born again believer, but I still battle! Maybe even more now because I'm no longer just giving in to all of my feelings.

In 2018 I was prompted to start a clothing brand, Bomani Wear! I created it with the intent to help people fight their battles. The name Bomani means strong warrior, and that's a name we can all wear. The goal isn't to just sell clothes, it's to inspire people to keep going. So please.... KEEP GOING!

The beauty of being in a battle as a believer is understanding that the battle isn't yours!

-Kwa Mandisa-

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